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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 23, 2016 3:00pm-3:28pm PST

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heof tly earcesol phols sesoub rsio ai tr tling irumpcon seland pce. th arese te nofi of ncialrsumbe. t buid i d t getpeo s r ubiomirese-onneon-os thi cg.rninaan i daskem, hi w iosoi gong t, take totreat ?ump >>on dtrald s triu ao e in [ blaudie ]. 3 er0 p ocentepf rcaubliens sem to l sup s hportndim aeosce pernt sa ey thwoy n't. un unfortyatelt tha0 7 pnterce behas eniv dided up. ashe tld fiero narws it'snl oy in go hg to elpus. ewe'r they onlne ot lefhein t race ttha can unify tahe prty d anin ws thi tielecon. >> po re: rter sot as thi pnt sc ihooluss jett lting outer he at palo verdeig hh olscho. in aou cple hsourf osecour th wosereho aer intdeste in rt paaticip tingheau c acusre ex epectd tow shoup. ve i'n beea to ceoupl ofal rlies ad le uingop thi ts e.vent iand t canyoell u inxc e oessf th a ndousapl peotee at.nded sosu preymablse the pe eoplare go toing w sho up thtonigo t icparte.ipat we s'll otaytn ind a cnontioue t rtrepoe livro thhoug tuthe ev g.enin i' m gd erarrao.malh
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>> d reeha: wat big d it .is k thanyou so chmu. m >>: arie dr. cbennarso ra nllyiarg h tdoday inou snther va neda. >> d: ree s he apoke at^ ll hatuolti meeinng c sundos su lmmer at thhe's were wd finr ]s newe se ni dese. hi eghlysinthuc astidcrowre the s initun cab _limmer ep>> rr:orteah yere, ord, f ll pobe numsurs, tepporf rs oy . drcaben brsonveelieth in is ca atndide. rl eatay tody theedpacki he n sutyciom cnimu ctyteentor he hares mgesae ta lke aook. dr rs. caiton ha on mbnu oerf to cspiod t iayluncngdiis h op sipoontio the tdocff ablordae re cat. ac ehe beslievt ansricau sho ha eave hlthm*esin savunacco tand whatve gie, hn esa or mhoe c oicearcaalthre. he o alsa sngppi gaillerammig aec n un cos try'tr$19 onilli he de tenay snls uri ame r to nos vi ntgilave, gontrnmel wil incont tueroo gndw a datomin ato gom*isnc chaoe tt
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ba girinlmo git detainees tto to detained, ted iviul b.letsdoue m >>: ariell stiad ahecr, a apcollthses ngrowiri debl s al >> d: reeom cuping ha, wayt m
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fi m\n then hb tum do wn. >> ie marew: nchsear da toamy n tingl heathyes it uncommsitieou arnd the ud nite st .ates 'lwe tllel youhe wre leas vgas ra onnks the li. c >>e:hlod an wereath
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'l well ee>> rlod: tok ais th. raaust wliahere ane cra apcoll dseso ue t.fires en u yo esp t seeanslag r ring th that join me ca.le rolsd a fsrew ba lett td fheeirbo a a u st s orieup. no gbody re fitfigh ters ahinko rale ecctrial re firt stabiahe tr rotot tha an crne adause ito t .fall ar>> m aie: mu com tterrain de s railhein t nrletheandser aft sl ngammio intra a c wnehich was os crgsin the actrks. ve seasn persengres wert hu. theaitrn'sve driasr w edkill. li po hceai detthned rrive t ofs in traarerst quengionime pa f rt or theistinveioigatn. e thh cras mthisngornit lef then1 ai trfon's arur cesriagng lyi rtheies sid n.bega
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t ofeahe h ciest itiese n thgr 7 co yuntr co truny co truny. om ctymuni s iso d t he tlt heat?hies ee>> r ad: mu com initysexaa indealthg wier sevatwede y wh svench slsooad ho t utshr.te m>>iear a: -y97olear-mad won e istevicvd eenft aer he la rdndlod saiquouhe ctald sel th tereeshe rhef tife.
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he "tz. buz"re >> raks nsaplelo faridhe mb nu oernera oveomll ctymuni for ll wegbein t inhe ud niteatstes. t heseki ranangs re based onth e in ieterviws worth mhae tn 0, 35000me ansricain dur1g 204 an 15d 20 b oasedein thrsr pelona thheal a andscces toherethca e th.list neand ivada8s 3o fut oesta os l se,as coalif lrniaedandy
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ra saa,sot fla.orid ch starleon, west rgviinia rdankescons la nst iegweg.bein ar>> m cie: ieharlsin'shee unannontcemet tha i he, tiposi a onon tnet las ar ye hstar.a r pisedcublienawaress ou ab tthe sediase. se recharser mitonedor news po rerts monenti hingndiv a og go slechearesat reloed t hiv inhe trs houlo fol wingn'shees sc dirlosue. ey thnd fous newo reprts me nintioivng h eaincrsed6 25 pe trcent tand n oberlegoog ar se wches terehe higvest er re rdco oedan in s dgleayn i the u.s. ar seivor han e symptoms showlva th ste moig sfinintcanc iasreate do 54 rc0 peanent mad reigin h her n then three days. experts believe sheen's news could help the public in learning more about hiv pr tievenon. >> d: ree i sou f yonkthiu yo ve ha l to aosefll or you wteigh toet gdas ig scanifi mntlys al he tthy, ahink iboutist th y. wa rtexpees ara sngyiha t jtstuy b lo ngsiiv f ercpet en yofour bodys we htigou y can make a heug ctimpath in nge lo lere ifdan
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a study found that small weight lo nss ootlyned rceuo tltaod by fa btutut c t rhekis of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in obese adul.ts ju ivst fnterce experts are not sure if oe deese diabetics wileavhe tam s response but say linosg a small amount of weight doesay p.f n reew rcseaho sox bot li njke ionecti t cannd at eshleth witai a plnfue kneiza co iondit stheweolloend mi_ aen wom ot o eljiinfks o 5t dpois irtthn p.hi 69rntercede neeod nth furs re cae wer n paie freiv fe y earsr.late 'sthat a hrighecc su ressate th anat tresmentsi ua ti anla-informmatugy drde st dseroiev or suen y.rger ar>> m aie: dy stund fout the thearea's ssevele rosmete fasdad c hein tnt twe ciethryentun thape th eve pr70 2 00arye ion sencistticas emo tl tirhe co lunconsi aserft creating model
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over the past,0 300r yeas. > >>o schol clanceay todin on e te sxaslchootr dis bictaeceusf o storm damage to buildnginds a hi vescleus cayed ba h ast gh nit. e tha areli deaitng wcienev s heweatdar tothy wion strndg wis s ha.well ee>> r od: inur wodds totay n as s gtronth as erey wyee daster gl ti orme f akhecobaf olu\ur oal locs d o re fo.cast ar>> m aie: r bigfelier fos. s al ghthouee i fsl ascancm aella flsnifmoing re. i lfeelthike lle pos en il stil inhangrg a oundrdrega.less ee>> r ad: hend t re's ifspecinic kd. gwe aodin kevis janhon tat st juone ope up. c >>:hloe b ievelite i was mu rylber. n itos ou d blehotek.checs o t bue thesngsprie lik ertempesatur't donp hellepeop th wier allca:bl pro un ou e tsidheweatser wi youa iomentthned nde wi e we'vthhad nde wiis advs pi excrre asooss rnuthead neva. at thoo's gwsd neyo if gu'veot svaith leriabds win ro acowss tthn wi g theesustit yo anu cfuveee ohemen ciatennie wi usth sedtainds win21 at es mil hoan nur o e thesdgeht rigw. no erothn that thar a'r we tt prey c malm many o o
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ieearlhir tfts aonerno w it t bia of fe dif renturpicte. you ceean s w indssomeea ars chrea ingoup t 20es milh an our e venlo cser to il30-m-he-anour wi usnd gorts f y.toda ertempesaturts ouen depg din heon woure ye liv wng ha ing 50 ss inrlummellin a the y wa teo th low s 60sofor asuthet erhend,sonow dnntow andre gen va lley oudetsiht rig n soeicth weaer itconds.ion ce nlrtaiily mdea wtheron cestinu osacres thg reion. o lo akingt3 4 eedegrs. ctheoldp sotsf osecourun mot ch starleon. d- miov60s n.erto 59 deeegrsul bocider ndty a 66 thfor ure crentpe temreratu in hrpapum wrehe we dide se abvariinle whrd tououghdos he t s no g thincrtoo d 'r weine gontg co tinuee o sea s windnidimihrsh tououghe t th ineventog in e the marlyngorni ig h ou clilds fngteri o in ver hesoutnern .vada toverehe nrys daae tu acipnticngati mot rm waeaer wead hesn i our ctdire tionshank toig hh
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an d binuildcg bank i oher t co inring deryry nd consitio a andoo bnst i our mp teureratvees oher tex nt se lvera .days 'r wetie slloi gong tee s the acoolirig tonht thhoug. mp teureratesgh sli etlye boo low rm noroal dg ppin tintoowhe l 0s4 to htnig. mo cstly slearkies are peexd.cte y wa l oaterns thi ede enevclo un thtil e'en weell sia var d clour covessacro r then.egio tlowshtonig. ok lokes lire we't hit ing zifree3 i forn ndiangsprijo 24 re degoues mhant ctorles fo40s err ovt f 52akor lade mernsto to t.nigh ouif ye hava got tobus ch cat t inorhe m bningring 0s 6 m foriesqundte art oveyon b e thte afonrno. so alpe temreratulis fg rtin with 7theodeak lmo tow.rro re eroi gong tto bulutif e th o end tdana\ ar st otingitff w. h few ou clords f l theegas vreas ana i mtheinorng. ricleautng o byhe trnafteoon. li wghtsind a edpect temperatesurt jus stllighy above manorl by the anofterndon a if
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you areoi gong t like theex nt fe w da.ys ertempesaturin maktg i to the pe upr 70s by saayturd. at thst toaeay w ithersoi g tngo st ickun arord fot^spleawhi aka wetu discerban o oute f thee rt nollh wing brire inc casedloud co asver ge we ost clo er tthe rk wo.week lbut looks wikeee'rng goiy sta se fa irly si'dltha tat's ranre p mf coblorta erefoasct. we ou crnha camhe neanstd of cloe ye'sastor ftecasll we' c iallt coromfetabl caforest. >> d: reey mgipoloheor t ar stsbuckup c ysorr .boss hl>> c ioe: ast we. ic so 's itt jus a .prop ee>> ri d: awishfll o you e.on as balketbl star senteph ycurrs getou d sedwith wrateot n on buce ict twure dingn a rvinteiew. >> ie marom: cg in,upe' w tlllle uyoha what eppdneft aerh tis th sat iki mahng t videoper vi an>> dgoa: ftod aonernos
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a llgori sa in!pacesio) (vt wane to by happ ywith ourxtneic vehurle pe?chasat er ente,prisgu we tearan.e it he tadyoo nurgheirhbodoo teenrirp cse saresal d ant lee thoppe wle bho uymo vreicehs leanthny ae.on..
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d >> ana:d goornafteoon. i' anm dgna waer. ha wt'sspzi buzodng tay la gs ve na doruld taue like we'vrnevesps po se imen hor befhie wsch ir trin saydana bu a loast ha a cerractth on ow sh ogamerof th"nes. ro>> fhem t cnsonseus myrd lo i li be eevemextreea ms sureare anwarrted. >> thepl peoate the arwith me 0 10erce prent a the lepeop . >> what? >> tpe. po p the wasope inme.xico d dithat? s heaidat negiveng thisut abo . me >> w likehat?
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lddonamp truno is nit a onpers. d >> ana:ouas y s canomee seone de d cideerto mtal donumd trdij fa n ce oevto s deralreiffent ch tearacrors fe m vi rde t weekend already with more thai a million views.s an on cctneicut police say at asle 12 people involved inhe t all outwlra at a chuck e. cheese restaurant. one woman bumped into another. inthgs quickly escalated. no arrests have been made so far because the group le bfteefor fi of u vearri -y97r-ead ollicarnfo wiaanom sa sys ihengetti b theouoot pe t ofomhe he'e shves li fd inor mo hare t chea rimasae hys fermeorntan lddlor s wal coo b dew nlland vi gierng hvi enctioti noce gier 60 dtoays d fin o essiree.denct sashe s tlanspeo s htownpg.etin gmy iuessun a soo quacspe.
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ar gh weis tleshein t i rnintenaatioacl spate stion. th sat iua act allynastro es ke se whon twipacro bk mar se imnt hil gorla itsu. y asou s canheee til gorla inchasg adroun another astronaut ig wesshtle. an atd thha's wt'sz buzingay tod s las!vega w e'llen sd itcol k bac togoriyou. >> d reeha: t nksda go nldete staorr ri warsa- meg star vi ep strrh cutty gea ing ershow after last night's game in ntatlaa. ok lo isth. >> ot mrhe ersuck! . >> ar>> m ie: h.ut-o ashe w court side when oabrasdcert- -ha tst'ha wt aot l of ppleoare e haw dt hid esay? a teammate snuck up and pouredm ic tee wa hr oneais hd. rr cuedtter la a s da erngslou cy tloseweo s sworde. hn' didctt ayuallo g there. tbu\libco it uld havec bneerswo.e m>>heoterck! >> ar m: iehe t yre ou.go dhen'id st waythasae sommepl peou
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r>>d:een cl als m>>iear t: ihenterviewed continue add few moments later. another teammate tried to give a rr cuoty anshher bowerurut cdos sa m w hiheand o gotf ut othe wa y. s himateamwetes apre hecpy baus th adey ht jus t wonth 50 ogameef thas se wush j iv fose >> d: reeha t ct'sdalleng slaotde wi anth tg. > >>tenew lochnollgy agowin you ntrevereerore c fardca ju yst bmg akin ma>> rie:ck ches thisu isths istjuhe teg bniin ongd bu ngyiit womh bicsetri. lo a ntok ie o threfutuad ahe . ee>> r wd: tazo amaann ch ging
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nene tedo o enspd en m >>: arieou sgndin f.of atsenedor tuz cr czeticiia es prt idenaobam t cvers gu naanta
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ou r atste. eld crig fghtin fraud whitca mm iiaedlyte m sa pid kes throar g' dore. >> ie mar t stuff. teacrhe p'sak tec ale who w neinmeanler aftd. he t drapy rois bught into aascloosrm. ho maw sn'es b ftier ind improving mraot ane o sl choo nn>> aerouncew: n ss 3start gh ritelofspu\ ar>> m tie: yhanko ou s fmuchor ay stwiing usth . na se ttorrued cesrashue es prt idensama'po pro lo chese tis prua gantan mo bay. >> d: reehe tub repnlica es prtiden cialdaandipte s tokeo su tepporinrs t nor nherna aheato of t'nighs ucca.uses he peouncd on the prenesidan plo t cha tra aet donentiu ci fa.lity enlist tis. >> et le mysaru t a . mridpresent. do sn'tdohut latgi 's lete havtot w neorterr tists.hereo honcelee re jasesisihadhats tt ll wiur ret tn tog ryinurto mder i ie belarve back
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